7 Best Apps for RV Travel That Will Amaze You

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Oh, I see you’re gearing up for an adventure on wheels and scouting for the ultimate apps to elevate your RV travel to legendary status. Gotcha! 😉

Listen, I’ve always been a fan of hitting the road and letting the journey unfold spontaneously. There’s something magical about cruising in an RV, your home trailing behind you, promising cozy nights under the stars and sunrises in new locales. But, let’s be real: navigating the vast, open road without a little tech savvy can turn your dream trip into a bit of a logistical nightmare. Who wants that, right?

Enter the digital era, where your smartphone becomes the most versatile tool in your RV’s glove compartment. Imagine having a personal concierge, navigator, and local food critic all tucked into your pocket. These aren’t just any apps; they’re your ticket to a hassle-free adventure across the highways and byways, the best apps for RV travel at your fingertips.

Long story short, this is a list of the best apps for RV travel but some of those which are not completely free:

  1. RV Trip Wizard (RV Life)
  2. Campendium
  3. GasBuddy
  4. AllStays Camp & RV
  5. The Dyrt
  6. Roadtrippers
  7. iOverlander
RV travel
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We introduced the remaining apps, all of which are free, further down in the article.

Now, because I’ve wandered enough to know the difference between an app that’s all sparkle and no substance and one that truly enhances your travel, I’ve curated a list of the best apps for RV travel. These gems will not only streamline your journey but also sprinkle a little extra magic on your travels. They’re about making memories without the stress, discovering hidden gems without getting lost (unless you want to), and ensuring your home on wheels feels just like that—a home, all with the best apps for RV travel guiding the way.

Ready to transform your RV escapade with some digital wizardry? Let’s dive into this list and embark on a journey where technology meets the open road, ensuring your adventures are nothing short of extraordinary. Buckle up, my friend, because we’re about to take your RV travel experience to dazzling new heights with the best apps for RV travel!

What are the best apps for RV travel?

So, you’re ready to hit the open road, feel the breeze in your hair, and live those #RVLife dreams? I got you! Because, let’s be real, while the romance of the road less traveled sings to our souls, a bit of high-tech help can turn that sweet melody into a full-blown symphony. And that’s where I come in, your digital tour guide through the maze of apps out there, pointing you to the very best apps for RV travel. Let’s see what those are..?

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1. RV Trip Wizard (RV Life)

Interesting Features:

  • Customized RV routing
  • Campground and RV park reviews
  • Integrated expense tracking
  • User-friendly trip planning tools
  • Extensive database of points of interest
  • Live weather updates along the route
  • Safe routing avoiding low bridges and tight turns
  • RV Life campground reviews integration

RV Trip Wizard (part of RV Life) is your knight in shining armor when it comes to planning your journey. This powerhouse of an app doesn’t just suggest routes; it crafts your adventure with you, taking into account the size of your RV to avoid low bridges and tight turns. With a vast database of campgrounds, points of interest, and fuel stations, it ensures you’re never left wanting.

Its integration with RV Life’s campground reviews means you’re making informed decisions, not just taking shots in the dark. Plus, with the ability to track your expenses, this app isn’t just planning your route; it’s managing your travel budget too. Imagine having a personal travel agent, financial advisor, and navigator all rolled into one—that’s RV Trip Wizard for you. Whether you’re chasing sunsets or escaping the city’s hustle, this app ensures your journey is as smooth as your RV’s engine purr.

2. Campendium

Interesting Features:

  • Extensive campsite reviews and photos
  • GPS coordinates for each location
  • User-generated content
  • Filters for amenities like hookups and pet-friendliness
  • Free and paid campsite options
  • Detailed information on national parks, RV parks, and public lands
  • Offline functionality for remote access
  • Community-driven updates and insights

Seeking the perfect spot to park your RV for the night? Campendium is your go-to guide, offering a treasure trove of campsite reviews, photos, and GPS coordinates. This app is the brainchild of full-time RVers who understand the importance of reliable information. From secluded boondocking spots to luxurious RV resorts, Campendium covers the spectrum, ensuring there’s something for every taste and budget.

Its user-generated content provides real, unfiltered insights into each location, so you know exactly what to expect.

And with filters for amenities such as hookups, pet-friendliness, and internet access, it’s like having a concierge tailor your camping experience. In the wilderness or by the lake, Campendium turns the question of “Where to next?” into an exciting anticipation of adventures yet to come.

3. GasBuddy

Interesting Features:

  • Real-time gas price comparisons
  • Crowd-sourced station and price updates
  • Trip cost calculator
  • Fuel price alerts
  • Pay with GasBuddy savings program
  • Gas station amenities and services information
  • Comprehensive search filters by fuel type
  • Map view of nearby gas stations and prices

On an RV journey, fuel is both your lifeline and one of your biggest expenses. Enter GasBuddy, the app that ensures you’re never overpaying at the pump. By crowd-sourcing gas prices from its community of users, GasBuddy provides up-to-date information on the cheapest fuel stations along your route. It’s not just about finding the lowest price; it’s about making smart decisions that keep your travel budget in check.

With features like trip cost calculators and price alerts, GasBuddy is like having a savvy financial advisor for all things fuel-related. Plus, its Pay with GasBuddy feature offers additional savings, turning every fuel stop into an opportunity to stretch your dollars further. In the vast expanse of the open road, GasBuddy is your trusted companion, ensuring that your adventure continues without breaking the bank.

4. AllStays Camp & RV

Interesting Features:

  • Comprehensive database of campsites, RV parks, and services
  • Filters for specific amenities such as hookups, pet-friendliness, and more
  • Information on RV dump stations, rest areas, and low clearance alerts
  • User reviews and photos for sites and services
  • Offline access to maps and campsite information
  • Integration with GPS for easy navigation
  • Propane refill and water refill station locations
  • Unique camping options, including Walmart and truck stop parking for overnight stays

AllStays Camp & RV is the Swiss Army knife of RV travel apps, offering an extensive database of camping and RV parking information. Whether you’re looking for a place to spend the night, a dump station, or a propane refill, AllStays has you covered. Its comprehensive filters let you customize your search to match your needs perfectly, from RV parks with showers to campsites that welcome pets.

The app’s detailed information on each location, including reviews and amenities, means you’re always in the know. Plus, its offline mode ensures you’re never left stranded, even in the most remote locations. For the traveler who loves options and appreciates the peace of mind that comes with preparedness, AllStays Camp & RV is an essential tool in your travel arsenal.

5. The Dyrt

Interesting Features:

  • Extensive user-generated campsite reviews and photos
  • Search and filter campsites by location, amenities, or type of camping
  • Free and premium (Pro) membership options
  • Offline access to maps and campsites with Pro subscription
  • Campground booking directly through the app
  • Community-driven tips and campsite recommendations
  • Contest and rewards program for active users
  • Integration of public and private campgrounds, including RV parks, BLM land, and more

The Dyrt is the fastest-growing app for campsite reviews, bringing a vibrant community of campers and RVers to your fingertips. With an impressive collection of user-generated content, including reviews, photos, and videos, The Dyrt offers a dynamic and authentic look at campsites across the country. Its easy-to-use interface and robust search functionality make finding your next campsite a breeze.

Whether you’re in search of free camping spots or the amenities of full-service RV resorts, The Dyrt has it all. And with the Pro version, you unlock offline maps and discounts at campgrounds, making your RV adventure even more enjoyable and budget-friendly. For those who believe that the journey is as important as the destination, The Dyrt is your digital companion, ensuring every stop along the way is just right.

6. Roadtrippers

Interesting Features:

  • Customizable road trip planning
  • Millions of points of interest, including offbeat attractions
  • Collaborative trip planning with friends
  • Real-time traffic updates and navigation
  • Save and share your favorite places and trips
  • Detailed maps with layers for weather, elevation, and more
  • Trip cost estimation based on route and vehicle
  • Integration with various accommodation and booking sites

When it comes to planning the epic road trip of your dreams, Roadtrippers is the app that turns those dreams into reality. It’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about discovering the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path wonders that make the journey unforgettable. With Roadtrippers, you can plot out your entire route, adding in points of interest, attractions, and must-see landmarks along the way.

The app’s interface is a breeze to navigate, allowing you to customize your trip with ease, whether it’s finding the quirkiest roadside attractions or the most scenic national parks. And for those who love sharing their adventures, the collaborative feature lets you plan with friends or family members, making it a social experience before the wheels even hit the road. For the explorer who believes the journey is just as important as the destination, Roadtrippers is the ultimate co-pilot.

7. iOverlander

Interesting Features:

  • Worldwide database of places for camping and overnight stays
  • User-contributed information on camping spots, services, and points of interest
  • Filters for types of locations, such as wild camping, RV parks, hostels, and more
  • Offline functionality for accessing information without an internet connection
  • GPS coordinates and detailed location descriptions
  • Community reviews and ratings for sites and amenities
  • Information on water, propane, fuel, and dump stations
  • Capability to add new places and share experiences with the community
best apps for RV travel
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iOverlander is a nonprofit project that has become the go-to resource for overlanders, vanlifers, and RV travelers seeking the road less traveled. This app is a comprehensive database of camping spots, essential services, and points of interest, all contributed by a global community of travelers. Whether you’re looking for that perfect wild camping spot or need to find the nearest water source, iOverlander has the answers.

Its user-friendly interface and detailed information, including GPS coordinates and amenities, make it an indispensable tool for the adventurous traveler. What sets iOverlander apart is its commitment to the community, with users actively updating and verifying information to keep it as accurate as possible. For those who venture beyond the campgrounds into the wild unknown, iOverlander is your digital guide to the world’s most breathtaking spots.

Best Free RV Route Planners

Before you rev up your RV and chase that horizon, let’s talk about navigating those winding paths with a savvy assistant at your fingertips. Yes, I’m diving into the world of digital nomads’ most cherished secrets: the best RV route planners – and they are free. Because, darling, why spend a dime on directions when the smartest guides are available at the cost of zero, zilch, nada?

These apps are free, but some of them have an in-app purchase option so that the app gives you an even better experience. These are best RV route planners which are free:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Waze
  3. Park4Night
  4. AllTrails

For those who live for the journey, finding the best apps for RV travel that won’t cost a dime is like striking gold. With this spirit of adventure in mind, let’s dive into the world of free apps designed to make your RV travels as smooth and enjoyable as the scenic routes you dream of taking. So, let’s hit the digital road and explore the best free RV route planners that promise to take your travel experience from great to legendary!

1. Google Maps

Interesting Features:

  • Real-time navigation and traffic updates
  • Street View and satellite imagery
  • Offline maps and navigation
  • Location search and discovery for gas stations, restaurants, and attractions
  • Customizable routes with multiple stops
  • Live public transport information
  • Indoor maps for airports, malls, and more
  • Detailed business listings with reviews and ratings

Google Maps is the jack-of-all-trades in navigation, seamlessly integrating comprehensive route planning with real-time traffic updates, making it an invaluable tool for RV travelers. Beyond just getting you from point A to point B, Google Maps offers satellite imagery, street views, and even indoor maps of certain locations, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. Its ability to find gas stations, restaurants, and attractions along your route enriches your travel experience, making every mile an adventure.

For the RV community, its customizable routes allow you to avoid roads unsuitable for your vehicle, although it’s wise to double-check height restrictions. The offline maps feature is a lifeline in remote areas where the internet is a myth, ensuring you’re always on the right track. With user-generated content like reviews and ratings, you’re equipped with insider knowledge on the go. Best of all, its universal accessibility and ease of use make it a go-to app for travelers worldwide, proving that the best things in life, or at least in travel, are indeed free.

2. Waze

Interesting Features:

  • Real-time traffic updates and alerts
  • Community-reported hazards, police, and road conditions
  • Automatic rerouting to avoid traffic
  • Gas price comparison and locations
  • Voice navigation with customizable voices
  • Carpooling features and options
  • Integration with music and podcast apps
  • Live ETA sharing with contacts

Waze takes the concept of community to the highways, providing a platform where drivers can share real-time traffic and road information, making it a dynamic companion for the modern RV traveler. This app excels in offering the quickest routes to your destination, taking into account the ever-changing conditions of the roads, from traffic jams to road closures. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily report hazards, police visibility, and other on-the-road alerts, contributing to a safer journey for yourself and fellow travelers.

The app’s integration of fuel prices helps you find the cheapest gas along your route, a boon for the budget-conscious nomad. Waze’s playful customization options, including changing the voice of navigation, add a touch of whimsy to your travels. The app’s emphasis on community and real-time updates provides a unique advantage over traditional GPS systems, making it a favorite among younger RV enthusiasts. While Waze is optimized for daily commutes, its real-time traffic updates and community-driven insights are invaluable for avoiding traffic snarls on longer journeys.

best RV route planners
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3. Park4Night

Interesting Features:

  • Community-shared spots for overnight parking and camping
  • Reviews, photos, and detailed descriptions for each location
  • Filters for searching specific types of spots (e.g., wild camping, parking lot, campsite)
  • User-generated information on facilities and amenities
  • Option to add new spots and share experiences
  • Offline mode for accessing information without internet connection
  • GPS navigation to selected spots
  • Map and list view for exploring available locations

Park4Night opens the door to a world of camping and parking possibilities for RV travelers, offering a vast database of places to rest, from campgrounds to wild camping spots. This app thrives on the contributions of its user community, providing detailed information, reviews, and photos of each location. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot by a lake or a safe parking area for the night, Park4Night has options to suit every traveler’s needs.

best free RV route planners
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Its interactive map and search functionality make finding the perfect spot both easy and enjoyable. The app not only caters to RVs but also welcomes van lifers, truckers, and car campers, making it a versatile tool for all kinds of travelers. With Park4Night, discovering hidden gems and making spontaneous decisions about where to stay becomes part of the adventure, enhancing the sense of freedom that comes with RV travel.

4. AllTrails

Interesting Features:

  • Detailed information on hiking, biking, and running trails worldwide
  • User reviews and photos for each trail
  • Trail maps with GPS route tracking
  • Ability to filter trails by activity, difficulty, and distance
  • Offline maps for exploring trails without cell service
  • Personal record keeping of completed trails
  • Trail conditions and weather updates
  • Social features to share experiences and recommendations

AllTrails is the ultimate companion for RV travelers who don’t just love the road but also the paths less traveled by foot. This RV travel app offers detailed, user-submitted trail maps, reviews, and photos, making it easy to find hiking, biking, and running trails wherever you are. Its filter options allow you to search for trails based on difficulty, length, and rating, ensuring you find the perfect match for your adventure level.

AllTrails not only enriches your RV travel experience by connecting you with nature but also encourages a healthy lifestyle on the road. The ability to download maps for offline use is a boon for exploring remote areas where cell service is a rarity. For the eco-conscious traveler, AllTrails offers a way to offset your carbon footprint by connecting you with local trails, proving that adventure can be both thrilling and sustainable.

And there we have it, my fellow road warriors and digital nomads, a curated collection of digital gems that are sure to make your RV travels not just easier, but downright epic. From the best RV route planners that weave you through breathtaking landscapes while avoiding those pesky low bridges, to the best apps for RV travel that ensure your journey is filled with as many laughs as miles, we’ve covered the digital spectrum that every modern traveler should have at their virtual side.

These apps aren’t just tools; they’re your road companions, whispering secrets of the hidden paths and guiding you to experiences that the average traveler might miss. Imagine parking under the stars in that perfect, secluded spot or finding the cheapest gas station in the middle of nowhere, all with a few taps on your screen. That’s the magic we’ve uncovered together.

So, as you set your sights on the next horizon, remember that the open road is yours to explore, with a little help from the best RV route planners and travel apps. It’s about making every journey as smooth as it is memorable, ensuring that the stories you tell are about the sights, the people, and the journey, not about the time you got lost (unless it’s a good story, of course).

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