Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe: Top 5 Choices

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You opened this article because you are planning a trip and want to know which are the cheapest places to travel in Europe. HA! I read people well! 😉

Well, I loved traveling from a young age, and my favorite would be those simple trips when I didn’t have to worry about my budget and watch what I was spending my money on. However, I also learned that travel can be quite expensive, but it all depends on the desired destination.

After all, there are countries that aren’t so hard on your wallet yet overflow with beauty and wonderful vibes. They meet your expectations and feed your soul with what you long for. For instance, Europe embodies this blend, being gentle on the budget while offering sights and natural beauty that captivate hearts worldwide.

Who says you need to break the bank to soak in the azure waters of the Greek islands or indulge in the rich history of Poland? Not us! In this article, we’re spilling the beans on how to experience the best of Europe without the financial hangover. We’re talking about destinations where your dollar stretches further than a yoga instructor in a morning class, places where you can enjoy a hearty meal, a cozy bed, and experiences that will enrich your Instagram feed and your soul, all without draining your savings.

So, pack your bags, but leave your financial worries at home. Whether you’re a culture vulture, a beach bum, or an urban explorer, we’ve got you covered with 5 top choices for the cheapest places to travel in Europe. Let’s dive into the wanderlust without the wallet-busting, shall we?

Travel in Europe
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Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

Discovering Europe is a dream that many of us harbor, conjuring images of stunning architecture, rich history, and mouth-watering cuisine. However, the notion that such an adventure is invariably expensive is a common misconception. In reality, with a bit of savvy planning and insight, Europe can be surprisingly affordable.

If you want to travel to Europe, but are short on budget, these are the places that will definitely meet your expectations:

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Portugal
  3. Poland
  4. Romania
  5. Hungary

Welcome to your guide on how to travel Europe on a budget, where we unveil the cheapest places to travel in Europe without skimping on the experience. Discover how to maximize your budget and find Europe’s top spots for budget travelers, proving financial limits can’t hinder the continent’s allure.

1. Bulgaria

Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Bulgaria stands as a testament to Europe’s unspoiled beauty, rich history, and affordability. Sofia combines ancient churches and modern culture, all walkable and budget-friendly. Venture to the Black Sea coast, where golden beaches and vibrant nightlife await, minus the hefty price tag of its western counterparts. It also has many wonderful tourist attractions that beckon many tourists eager to explore.

The country’s interior, with its sprawling mountains and hidden monasteries, is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. Bulgaria’s culinary scene, characterized by its hearty and flavorful dishes, promises to satisfy your taste buds without emptying your wallet. Here, the cost of living is low, making it an ideal destination for those looking to experience Europe travel essentials without the financial strain.

Moreover, Bulgaria’s rich cultural tapestry and friendly locals ensure that travelers leave with memories as rich as the country’s history. In essence, Bulgaria is not just one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe; it’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe
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2. Portugal

Portugal, with its sun-drenched beaches, historic cities, and delectable cuisine, is surprisingly one of the most affordable destinations in Western Europe. The capital, Lisbon, enchants visitors with its hillside vistas, historic trams, and vibrant nightlife. It offers all this charm without the hefty price tag of other European capitals.

Porto, with its famed Port wine and riverside charm, offers travelers a blend of culinary delights and cultural experiences at a fraction of the cost. The country’s Algarve region boasts some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, offering sun, sea, and sand on a budget. Portugal, blending rich maritime history and unique culture with affordability, is perfect for budget travelers seeking both beach and city experiences.

Public transport here is both efficient and economical, making it easy to explore this diverse country. Additionally, Portugal’s small size means you can experience a variety of landscapes and settings without long, costly journeys. In short, Portugal embodies the best place to travel in Europe for those chasing the sun on a shoestring budget.

Beautiful Portugal

3. Poland

Poland is a country that manages to blend centuries of history and culture with modern vitality, all at an impressively low cost. Krakow and Warsaw allow exploration of rich history, from medieval squares to Cold War remnants, without hefty fees.

The country’s cuisine, with dishes like pierogi and bigos, provides a hearty meal for a fraction of what you’d pay in western Europe. Beyond the urban, the Tatra Mountains and the Masurian Lake District cater to outdoor enthusiasts, offering skiing, hiking, and boating opportunities. Poland’s efficient public transportation network ensures that exploring this vast country is both easy and affordable.

Cultural festivals, museums, and historical sites often have low admission fees, making it simple to soak in the culture. The hospitality in Poland, marked by its friendly and welcoming locals, adds an invaluable dimension to your visit. Poland stands as a beacon for those looking to explore Europe’s historical and natural wonders on a budget.

Exploring Poland

4. Romania

Romania, with its dramatic landscapes, medieval castles, and vibrant folk culture, is another of Europe’s best-kept secrets for budget travelers. Transylvania offers breathtaking scenery and Dracula tales at a fraction of the cost of popular destinations.

Bucharest, Romania’s capital, combines art nouveau architecture with the relics of its communist past, creating a unique urban experience. The Carpathian Mountains offer hiking, skiing, and wildlife watching without the Alps’ crowds and costs. Romanian cuisine, with its mix of influences, offers delicious and affordable dining options.

The country’s extensive rail network makes it convenient and cost-effective to traverse the diverse landscapes. Rural areas offer homestays and guesthouses that provide an authentic and economical lodging experience. Romania exemplifies how to travel Europe on a budget, offering a rich tapestry of experiences at a low cost.

Umbrella Street in Romania
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5. Hungary

As one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe, Hungary is a treasure trove of thermal baths, baroque architecture, and rich cultural heritage, all available on a modest budget. Budapest, the capital, is divided by the Danube River and offers stunning city scapes that rival any in Europe. The city’s famous thermal baths, such as Széchenyi and Gellért, provide a unique and relaxing experience at a surprisingly low cost.

Hungary’s culinary scene, known for its rich flavors and hearty portions, is incredibly wallet-friendly, allowing travelers to indulge in dishes like goulash and lángos without guilt. Beyond Budapest, the countryside offers rolling vineyards and historic towns like Eger and Pécs, where the cost of living drops even further.

Hungary’s festivals, including the world-renowned Sziget Music Festival, offer budget-friendly entertainment options. The country’s extensive train and bus network makes it easy to explore both urban and rural areas affordably. For those interested in history, the many castles and ruins throughout the country provide a glimpse into Europe’s medieval past, often with minimal entrance fees. Hungary not only exemplifies the cheapest places to travel in Europe but also showcases how a rich, immersive travel experience doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

Aerial View on Budapest
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In wrapping up, these five destinations offer a glimpse into the variety and richness that Europe has to offer, all while keeping your budget intact. From the sunny shores of Portugal to the historic streets of Poland, the possibilities for affordable European travel are endless.

Each listed country offers unique experiences, from cuisine to nature, showing the best European travel spot matches your interests and budget. Whether you’re packing your backpack for a month-long adventure or planning a quick getaway, remember that Europe’s beauty, history, and culture are accessible to everyone. With a little research, flexibility, and the willingness to go off the beaten path, you’ll find that exploring Europe without breaking the bank is not only possible but immensely rewarding.

But in order to get the best out of our trip, we need some essentials. Let’s read below!

Europe Travel Essentials

Embarking on a European adventure is an exhilarating experience that promises a rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and histories. It doesn’t matter if you’re meandering through the ancient streets of Rome, basking under the Nordic midnight sun, or exploring the verdant landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. There are a few Europe travel essentials that can make your journey smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

From practical gadgets to indispensable apps, packing the right items can significantly enhance your travel experience. Let’s dive into the five indispensable Europe travel essentials that cater to the needs of modern adventurers, ensuring you’re well-prepared for whatever adventures await on the Old Continent.

1. Comfortable Walking Shoes

A good pair of comfortable walking shoes is arguably the most crucial item in your luggage when exploring Europe. The continent is best experienced on foot, from the cobblestone streets of Paris to the scenic trails of the Alps. Look for shoes that offer support and cushioning to handle long days of walking.

Breathable materials are a plus, especially for those traveling in summer. Waterproof shoes are crucial for Europe’s unpredictable weather, ensuring your adventures continue, rain or shine. Additionally, choose a style that transitions well from day to night activities, as Europeans tend to dress a bit more formally. Break in your shoes before your trip to avoid blisters. Remember, your feet are your best friends on this journey, so treat them well!

Comfortable Walking Shoes for Travel in Europe
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2. Power Adapter with USB Ports

Given the variety of electrical outlets across Europe, a universal power adapter with USB ports becomes an indispensable travel companion. This gadget ensures that your electronic devices stay charged, whether you’re capturing the sunset in Santorini or navigating the streets of Amsterdam.

Opt for an adapter that covers the common types of European sockets to avoid any connectivity issues. Models with multiple USB ports allow you to charge several devices simultaneously, saving time and luggage space, and that’s why come adapters come with built-in surge protection, providing an additional layer of security for your gadgets. Lightweight and compact designs are preferable for ease of packing. A reliable power adapter ensures that your devices are always ready to capture memories or navigate your next destination.

USB Adapter
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3. RFID-Blocking Wallet or Passport Holder

In today’s digital age, protecting your personal information is paramount, making an RFID-blocking wallet or passport holder an essential travel accessory. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) blocking technology helps safeguard your credit cards and passport from unauthorized scanning and potential identity theft.

Choose a design that suits your travel style, whether it’s a compact wallet for daily use or a larger passport holder for additional documents. Opt for a durable material that can withstand the rigors of travel. Some models feature separate compartments for different currencies, ideal for those visiting multiple countries.

A sleek and unobtrusive design not only keeps your personal items secure but also ensures they’re easily accessible when you need them. Peace of mind is invaluable when traveling, and an RFID-blocking accessory contributes significantly to that.

Passport Holder

4. Compact and Versatile Daypack

A compact and versatile daypack is essential for carrying your daily essentials while exploring Europe’s cities and countryside. Look for a lightweight yet durable backpack that can hold all your items without being cumbersome. Water-resistance is a key feature, protecting your belongings from sudden rain showers.

Comfortable straps and a breathable back panel enhance wearability during long days of sightseeing. A daypack with multiple compartments helps organize your items, providing easy access to essentials like water bottles, maps, and snacks. Some daypacks offer security features, such as lockable zippers or hidden pockets, which are excellent for crowded tourist spots. A well-chosen daypack becomes an extension of yourself, carrying everything you need. It keeps your hands free for photos and discoveries.

Compact and Versatile Daypack for Travel in Europe
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5. Portable Charger

A portable charger, or power bank, ensures your devices stay charged on-the-go, so you never miss capturing a moment or navigating a new city, that’s why you should select a charger with a high capacity, ideally one that can provide multiple charges for your devices, to avoid running out of power during long days of exploration. Lightweight and compact models are preferred for easy packing.

Look for chargers with fast-charging capabilities to minimize downtime. Some portable chargers come with multiple ports, allowing you to charge more than one device at a time. Considering the reliance on smartphones for navigation, translation, and photography, a portable charger is indispensable. For added convenience, choose a model that is airplane-friendly, ensuring you can recharge your devices even during flights. Having a portable charger means staying connected and ready, no matter where your European adventures may lead.

Portable Charger
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Packing these five essentials ensures a seamless and enjoyable European travel experience. It lets you focus on the beauty and excitement of your journey, rather than the logistics, so, remember, the best trips strike a balance between preparation and spontaneity. This blend allows you to fully immerse in the wonders Europe has to offer.

And there you have it, intrepid travelers, your compass pointing towards the must-haves for any European journey. With these five essentials tucked into your luggage, you’re not just packing smart. You’re gearing up for an adventure that promises to be as seamless as it is memorable. Europe, with its tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and histories, is a continent that beckons with the promise of endless exploration. Whether you’re capturing the sunrise over the Seine or tasting your way through Tuscany, these travel essentials ensure you’re prepared. Tracing the steps of emperors in Rome, you’ll be ready for every moment.

Remember, the beauty of travel lies not just in the destinations we explore but in the journey itself. With each step on cobblestone streets, each panoramic view from a mountain peak, and each conversation in a bustling market square, you become more than just a visitor. You’re a part of Europe’s living, breathing story.

So, pack your bags, lace up those comfortable shoes, and set out with an open heart and an adventurous spirit. Europe is waiting to unfold its wonders to you, with each corner turned and each horizon chased revealing a new chapter of your own epic travel tale.

Happy travels, and may your journey through Europe be as rich and fulfilling as the tapestry of cultures you’re about to explore. Until next time, keep wandering, keep wondering, and above all, keep embracing the adventure. Adventure is out there, and it’s waiting for you!

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